Terms And Conditions

  1. 1. This Program is valid for the period of 11 months for the denomination of Rs.1500, Rs.2500, Rs.5000 & Rs.10000 per month with the benefit of one month (12th month) payment made by Vishwas Jewels.
  2. 2. The above Program is valid for 11 month & shall be terminated at the end of the 12th month irrespective of the number of payment paid by the customer. If the customer fails to pay for 11 months he or she shall not be entitled to a discount.
  3. 3. Customer shall provide a copy of any valid photo & address identity card issued by govt. authority for enrolment & for authentication at the time of redemption.
  4. 4. The First Payment shall be paid along with a complete filled application form. Subsequent payments can be paid by Cash/Cheques/NEFT in favour of Vishwas Jewels.
  5. 5. Each payment should be paid on or before 10th of every calendar month to avail benefit at the end. Post-dated cheques shall be accepted. Remittance of payment will be accepted in advance. Service charges (as applicable) may be levied on dishonoured cheques.
  6. 6. Customer should carry their pass book every time they make payment & get updated & obtain receipt for the same.
  7. 7. The customer is entitled to take Jewellery of his/her choice for the amount paid only on the completion of 11th month & within 12th month from the date of enrollment.
  8. 8. Customer can purchase Gold, Diamond, Platinum or Silver Ornaments after completion of the program without any default. Gold, Silver coins and Bullion cannot be purchased under this program.
  9. 9. Applicable rate of Gold/Silver/Platinum will be the prevailing rate on the date of purchase after completion of 11 monthly payments. Rate / Value addition / Making Charges / Stone charges & taxes will be levied as applicable at the time of purchase.
  10. 10. The bearer of the card will be considered the bonafide owner. If card gets lost, duplicate card will be given on payment of Rs.100/-
  11. 11. Amount once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances and cannot be adjusted towards different program.
  12. 12. Vishwas Jewels reserves the right to alter the above terms & conditions without prior notice to the customer. Any conditions which are explicitly not covered alone, would be at the sole discretion of the company at the time of transaction. The decision of the company in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable & final. All disputes, if any shall be subject to Bengaluru court's Jurisdiction.